Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It's Break Time

I'd like to shout out an "I'm sorry" to the two people that actually still check this ole' bloggity blog. As I mentioned, we were on vacation with Jon's family and then went straight from there, by train, to Ohio for a little under a month. As you can imagine, there was lots of lovely visiting going on and little time to be sitting at the computer!

We have since returned to Manitoba, but have hit the ground RUNNING! I had a wedding to shoot the very next day (with rehearsal that night), we have a reasonable sized to-do list we'd like to take care of before Jon heads back to school, and lots of activities planned as our family enjoys our last week together before we get back to the grind. And as far as pictures go.... I have over 1800 to sort through from our vacation and 2000 to go through from the wedding I photographed. Needless to say... I would LOVE to blog, but it's going to take a back burner until I feel somewhat above water!

Thanks for bearing with me and for your patience!!

For now, here's one of the few pics taken on our return train trip to the north! For those of you who know about our HORRIBLE trip to Ohio, the return voyage went worlds better... though not without it's hiccups! Hopefully one of these YEARS :) I will be able to tell ya'll about it!

And just a reminder that this was after 6 hours of driving and 19 hours on the train... so we're not exactly modeling material or anything!

Massive amounts of snacks may not be the healthiest form of entertainment for the kiddos... but drastic times call for drastic measures! :) And Larren could sit and lick the cheese off her crackers for a good long stretch... so we'll take it! 

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  1. Cute picture!
    Hope your time with family was refreshing! Can't wait to see some more photos.